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  • In May 2009, 51% of our graduating seniors were accepted into a post-secondary institution
  • Class of 2010: 52% were CSU Eligible; 28% were UC eligible
  • Class of 2011: 54% are attending an institution of higher education
  • Class of 2012 : 51% of our seniors are CSU Eligible; 31% UC eligible
  • Teacher to Student Ratio: 1:20
  • 24 of 32 staff members are bilingual



Latino College Preparatory Academy (LCPA) is a charter high school with oversight provided by the Eastside Union High School District. LCPA focuses on providing its students with a rigorous curriculum, a strong faculty and an environment made up of high expectations and community – a middle college experience. LCPA has created a ten-year educational track that has enhanced Latino students’ chances of succeeding academically and completing a college degree. With its innovative curriculum, capable faculty and nurturing environment, LCPA has become a viable educational option for each and every student, especially English Language Learners. With its focus on bi-literate educational programs, LCPA fills a unique niche in providing these students the time and focus to reach the academic level of English that is critical for academic achievement, passing standardized tests, and pursuing post secondary educational opportunities.


Aguirre, Maestra (408) 512-8703 Spanish II Teacher
Alvarez, Mr. (831) 430-6637 Mth TeeChr
Canales, Saira Teacher
Cerna, Mr. Teacher
Chavez, Sandra (408) 729-2281 ex.2216 Staff
Chavolla, Mayra Teacher
Cid, Josefina Teacher
Delgado, Vivian Teacher
Dizechi, Dehydys Teacher
Escobedo, Celina Teacher
Frias, Mr. Spanish Teacher
Herrera, Cesar Teacher
Lau, Mandy Teacher
Lomeli, Karla 12th English Teacher
Lomeli, Raul Assistant Principal
Macias, Luis Teacher
Manoguerra, Melissa Teacher
Moreno, Claudia English Teacher
Najlis, David Teacher
Palacios, Ms. Teacher
Ramirez, Maria Staff
Ramirez, Ms. Data Team
Ramos, Primo Staff
Sanchez, Gabriela Teacher
Smith, Gordon (408) 966-9059 Geometry/ Music Teacher
Sobrato, Mr. (408) 691-1168 World History Teacher
Steele, Christopher Teacher
Suess, Jessica Teacher
Taube, Juddson (408) 729-2281 ex.2256 American Literature Teacher / Lacrosse Coach
Wales, Patricia Teacher
Wulff, Mr. ex.(408) 829-3488 PE Teacher


The vision of the Latino College Preparatory Academy (LCPA) is to be recognized as the premier provider of High School English Language Learner educational programs, thus ensuring innovative, successful leaders with critical thinking, decision-making, information technology, and communications skills.


The mission of the Latino College Preparatory Academy is to enable under-served high school English Language Learners to become bi-literate in English, Spanish, mathematics, and science.  These skills will ensure their ability to successfully complete requirements for a high school diploma and pursue post-secondary educational opportunities of their choice.


Graduation is the major milestone in our path towards success. By graduating our students from LCPA, we celebrate the successful placement of 92% of our students at a college of their choice.